How does Talus Music get those professional-looking CDs? We hire Audio Sphere, the best CD packaging company on the planet! They can do anything. Audio Sphere handles all the business matters including legal work and subcontractors. Audio Sphere handles all the artwork. We thought we had good designs for our CDs, but in the end, we had no idea what was possible. They waved their magic wand and we were awed. Stunned. Excited! Audio Sphere took our concepts beyond our wildest imaginations. So, for all your CD packaging needs, we recommend Audio Sphere. Send them your pictures and CD master. They do the rest. All you have to do is wait for Fed Ex to deliver boxes of CDs ready for the store.

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Kelley Majors
Kelley owns Kelgraphix, a graphics art company in Texas. Kelley is a friend of Stephanie Gervase, the lead singer in the band Fields of White. Kelley creates all types of quality art work. Among her many clients are Siemen's Corporation, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and now, Talus Music. Kelley has designed both the Fields of White logo as well as the album cover. The photo on the album itself was taken by Melonie Shepard. Kelly took the photo and applied her magic.
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Melonie Shepard Melonie Shepard is the photographer for the Fields of White album. We particularly like the Bonnie and Clyde black and white. Though appropriate for a picture taken at the prison tower, it may not be so appropriate for a Christian album! We may sneek it in on the back cover. Melonie is Stephanie Gervase's (the lead singer of Fields of White) sister.

Mary Gianas Mary is one the best and most popular photographers of desert scenes. All of the photographs for Mike Collins' Desert Anthem album, including the cover, were taken by Mary. Mary Gianas is a resident of Tucson, Arizona. Among other places, you will find her pictures on postcards at the Tucson International Airport. That is where we discovered Mary.
Sunset Cactus by Mary Gianas
Reflecton by Mary Gianas

Tammy Crafton Many photos on this web site and inside Mike Collin's Desert Anthem album were taken by Tammy Crafton. Tammy is an amateur photographer who takes her work seriously. Tammy's favorite photo subjects are her cats. The picture of Cotton on left is a true gem. You will find Ross on many of the Talus Music web pages. He is the company mascot. In order to get Ross to play piano, we teased him with a peacock feather. The feather is just out of the range of the camera. Lina was an affectionate cat who always chose to nap on your chest. She passed away in 2001.
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