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Fields of White Album Cover
Stephanie Gervase Lead Vocals
Stan Varnas Acoustic Guitar, Backup Vocals
Brian Ceccarelli Keyboards
Jim Sahadi Drums
Mike Collins Electric Guitar, Acousitc Guitar, Backup Vocals
Jim Debord Bass in Guard Your Heart and Extreme
Chris Berkebile Guitar in My Love is in Tune
James Gill Drums in My Love is in Tune
Brian Ceccarelli Engineering, Mastering
Bill Dupre Engineering
1 Guard Your Heart 4:02
2 What Does It Mean To Be A Believer? 4:39
3 I've Got To Let You Know 5:18
4 The Search 3:44
5 No Me Without You 4:47
6 None Like You 2:37
7 My Love is in Tune 5:11
8 Extreme 4:05
9 Cinema Jive 4:19
10 The Gift 5:08
11 Let It Be 4:11
12 Safe Tonight 4:41
Stephanie at Cloud & Fire
MP3 Guard Your Heart
Guard Your Heart


Guard your heart
Above all that you guard.
I said, guard your heart
It's been given to you
It's all up to you
Guard your heart.

Don't let that stranger persuade you
To your Father you always be true,
And don't let your treasures betray you
In exchange for the pain, it can happen to you.


No mightier fortress is our Lord
And He knows His plans for you.
It's a future of hope without harm
His plans are for you, yes, all are for you.


I said guard,
Guard your heart.
Lyrics: Stephanie Gervase, Stan Varnas
Music: Stan Varnas
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© 2004 Fields of White. This song was inspired by Proverbs 4:23, Jeremiah 29:11 and Song of Solomon 2:7. It is a song of admonishment to believers, particularly women seeking relationships, to pour their energies into loving God and to hold fast to their virtue and their hearts until God's plan is fulfilled in their lives.

The Celtic feel (the high flute, drums, etc.) to the music in this song suggests the spiritual battle that is waged for the heart of every believer. It seems to call forth the courage and strength necessary to rely on the unseen rather than the seen.

Mix: March 2, 2004
None Like You


Though I search both high and low
There is none like You,
And in Your love there's no one more
There is none like You.
Though I stumble I won't fall
Because of what You do,
And in the heavens and the earth
There is none like You.

Hear me oh Lord for I am needy.
Please hear the cry of your own servant.
You are my God whom I will call
And I will trust you as my Lord.


Lord, You are great in Your compassion
Abounding in love and slow to anger.
Grant me Your strength in days of trouble
For you have helped me Lord before.


Oh, none like You
I said, there's none like You
Oooh, none like You.
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© 2004 Fields of White. Written and inspired by Psalm 86. It is a song about man's fraility and imperfection as contrasted with God's longsuffering and patience, which surpasses any human love or relationship we can experience. It declares the uniqueness and superiority of a loving God. David, who enjoyed a vast prosperous kingdom, riches and wives was not satisfied with those things. We, like him, need a relationship with God to be satisfied. Stan gave this song to Stephanie and Tom Gervase as a wedding gift in 1998.
Lyrics & Music: Stan Varnas
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Mix: March 2, 2004
Stan at Cloud and Fire
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Let It Be


Let it be, let it be
Ever present, never cease
Calling out, listening
To the One who knows me quite well
I won't tire or get weak
As I seek
Let it be.

Let Your love always go
In an unbroken flow.
Let it be always
And let me know
That You've always been there,
The very thought is a prayer
We can meet face-to-face
In Your grace.


I didn't know what to do or to say.
I cried out to You in my awe and dismay.
You gave me words and You gave me the faith,
I won't tire of what You will say.


Won't You season my talk
And won't You season my thoughts
Regard You before
I speak,
And You always will hear
'Cause You led me in prayer
Drew it out of me
And met me there.

© 2004 Fields of White. This was written to express a desire for a relationship with God that is constant, reciprocal, and always flowing. It is the essence of 'abiding in Christ' (John 15:7), a place where the soul, body and senses are completely synched with and surrendered to the Holy Spirit. We are not there yet, but see 'flashes' of perfection in our lives that arouse our hunger to live in that place. It is the state of utter oneness between a believer and Christ. 'I only do what I see my Father do' (John 5:19). Ironically enough, the writers repeatedly attempted to re-title this song, to differentiate it from the famous Beatles' title, but never came up with one that captured the message of the song as well as 'Let it Be'.
Lyrics: Stephanie Gervase, Stan Varnas
Music: Stan Varnas
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Mix: March 2, 2004
© 2002 Fields of White. The Search is a song of seeking the heart, will and ways of God. It is a life crying out to be totally yielded to his creator and Lord. It acknowledges life's trials, disappointments and growing pains, but nevertheless presses forward to be in the presence of God, doing His work and practicing worship in every act and word.
The Search

Where shall I pitch my tent today?
My fixed heart is battered like ocean waves
Rising and falling, building, destroying
That which must stay only He is to say.

I open my mouth and the words fall out.
I turn 'round the bend, there's a clearing about
With signs and directions, He leads the way.
Got no future plans, only He is to stay.


You are my Lord, my savior and my God.
You are my Lord, my savior and my God.
You are the light, my refuge from above,
And I will worship You
And search for You ever on.

Where will I hear your voice today?
The mighty wind whistles where it may,
Asking, believing, waiting, receiving
That which You say, I will keep and obey.

I trip on the path and You lift my head.
I ask to turn back and you teach me instead
With power and presence you lead the way.
You got my future planned, I can give you each day.

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Lyrics: Stephanie Gervase, Stan Varnas
Music: Stan Varnas
Download Chord Sheet
Mix: March 2, 2004

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