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Fields of White began in 1997 when Stan and Stephanie met at Abundant Life Church in Cary, North Carolina. Stephanie is the music director at Abundant Life. If you visit the church, you will instantly discover that Stephanie radiates joy and sings angelic.

In the course of Steph's professional singing career, she needed the perfect guitarist and songwriter to complement her talents and to fufill her dream. It is by no coincidence that Stan and Stephanie ran into each other. They have joined their talents to form an unsurpassable music duo. Their styles mesh well, the sum better than the parts.

Stan knew Brian, the keyboardist, before Stephanie. Stan and Brian were work colleagues.. Stan also had attended Brian's Adult Sunday School class at North Cary Baptist Church. In was during the time at North Cary Baptist Church when Stan became a Christian. A couple of years after North Cary Baptist Church and after Stan and met Stephanie, did Stan recuit Brian to play piano for Fields of White.

A year after Brian had joined in 1998, Stephanie recruited Jim Sahadi to play drums. Jim is the joker. It is impossible to keep a straight face around Jim. As a matter of fact, out of the 100 pictures we recently took on a photo shoot, we had to throw out 80 of them away because Jim was responsible for all our goofy grins. You will hear Jim on both the albums of Fields of White and of Mike Collins.

Mike Collins has been Brian's friend since 1980 when they met at a Christmas party sponsored by the University of Arizona Russian Club. Mike is an excellent guitarist and songwriter. Mike has his own album, Desert Anthem, and is in the process of recording his second, Two Eyes. We call him the "man with the golden ears."

Fields of White
Jim Sahadi
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I've Got To Let You Know is FOW's first album. This album is for sale at this web site, at CD Baby, and at iTunes, Rhapsody, EMusic and several other digital distributors.

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