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Brian Conway and Julee Glaub New York born fiddler Brian Conway is a leading exponent of the highly ornamented Sligo fiddling style made famous by the late Michael Coleman. The winner of two All-Ireland junior titles in 1973 and 1974 and the All-Ireland senior championship of 1986, Brian's early studies were with his father, Jim, and with Limerick born fiddler/teacher Martin Mulvihill. However, it was the legendary fiddler and composer Martin Wynne who taught him the real secrets of the County Sligo style. Later, Brian met and befriended the great Andy McGann of New York, who further shaped his precision and skill on the instrument.

In 1979, Brian recorded a duet album, The Apple In Winter (Green Linnet) with fellow New York fiddler Tony Demarco, and he is currently working on a new solo recording. He recorded with many of the great Irish musicians of our time, including accordion player Joe Burke. Brian is also featured on the CD, My Love is in America, recorded at the Boston College Irish Fiddle Festival, and on the documentary "Shore to Shore" which highlights traditional Irish music in New York.

Brian is one of the musical rocks of the New York Area. He leads two seisiuns a week at Dunne's in White Plains and O'Neills in Manhattan. The seisiun at Dunne's was recently featured in Treoir, a leading Irish magazine of music song and dance. It was described as "the best kept secret of New York . . . where on any given Wednesday evening, you don't have to look any farther than Dunne's Pub, 15 Shapham Place, for an authentic seisiun of traditional Irish music." Brian is to be credited for its success and the fact that it is one of the finest seisiuns on this side of the Atlantic. Brian's integrity of musicianship, warm hospitality, and precision in his playing draw people from all over the map to take part in magical Wednesday evening seisiuns.

Brian remains faithful to the rich tradition handed down to him. The distinctness of his tone, the lift of his playing, and the deft ornamentation he brings to the tunes have placed him among the finest Irish fiddlers of any style, Sligo or otherwise. He is alos unusually gifted in the area of song accompaniment and is the favored fiddler of many traditional singers. He is also a noted instructor who has mentored many fine fiddle players, including a recent All-Ireland junior champion.
Brian Conway and Julee
Julee Glaub & Kevin Goodan
Julee and Kevin Goodan
Kevin Goodan grew up in western Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation and now lives in the Amherst, Massachusetts area. He is an incredible self-taught bodhran player. He lived in Ireland for a year and a half and traveled extensively throughtout the country taking in the music and the culture, which was already in his system. Both sets of Kevin's grandparents came from Ireland and passed down their love of the land to him. He now teaches bodhran and plays often in seisiuns and concerts.

Kevin's playing brings integrity and freshness to the tunes with his unique style and intentional focus on tonality. It is quite unusual to find a bodhran player who is able to accompany songs with ease and grace, who is just as detailed in his tune accompaniment being always aware of the key and the shape of the tune.

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