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Ballad of Dushan at Apple Music The EP Ballad of Dushan was released in the Summer of 2022.
Mike Collins guitar, vocals
Stephanie Gervase backing vocals
Brian Ceccarelli keyboards (piano, bass, strings, flute, accordian)
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Two Eyes

Two windows on the world
Watch as wood smoke curls
And reflect the flickering flames
With which we write our names.

Two mirrors of the mind:
The timelessness of time
That shuts the open door
To dream forevermore.


However dark the night, these eyes can see,
As soft as candlelight, they burn so free,
May they never lose their hold on me,
Hold on me . . .

(Instrumental verse)
(Instrumental chorus)

Two eyes gaze out to sea,
A mystery to me,
The sweetest of unknowns
Unspoken and alone.

I rise and greet the days
Just to watch them roll away,
And I count them two by two,
Two eyes, two eyes and you.
© 2000 Mike Collins. This work deals with the beautiful incomprehensibility of love, and with the mystery that two people in love experience as they try to understand each other through the 'windows of the soul.' Anyone who has ever truly been in love has been under the spell and power of his/her partner's eyes. Because the logical sides of our minds are unable to wrap around this, all we can and should do is enjoy the undeniable truth of it.
Mixdown date: July 13, 2001
Dos Ojos

Dos ventanas sobre el mundo
Miran cerando el humo de madera ordea
Y reflejan las llamas titilando
Con quiénes escribimos nuestros nombres.

Dos espejor del corazón:
La sin limitación del tiempo
Que cierra la puerta abierta
Para soñar por siempre.


Como oscuro sea la noche, estos ojos pueden ver,
Suaves como luz de vela, arden tan libres,
Que nunca pierden sus pensamientos por mí,
Pensamientos por mí . . . .

(Verso instrumental)
(Coro instrumental)

Dos ojos contemplan el mar,
Un misterio por mí,
Los mas queridos de desconocidos
Que no hablen y tan solos.

Me levanto y saludo los días
Solamente para mirarlos desaparecer,
Y los cuento dos por dos,
Dos ojos, dos ojos y tú.

Translated by Ray Ceccarelli
The two eyes of Two Eyes
The Measure of the Man

There's a shootin' star tonight in the Alabama skies,
Heaven's signature is shining in bright Sicilian eyes,
A saga of life is written on his hands,
Whoever takes the time to read it knows the measure of the man.

Friends and family, labor and generosity,
Toughness and kindness blended oh, so skillfully.
You taught your children to love learning, you've done all you can,
Now they shine here around you, the measure of the man.

Three generations now, and everyone can see . . . the measure of the man.

(Instrumental verse)

Three generations now, and everyone can see . . . the measure of the man.

The road can be hard enough to drive the strongest man to fall,
But you will have none of that, your courage has kept you standing tall.
A marvel that sometimes takes years to fully understand,
But we who love you've always known the measure of the man.

Life is not measured out in gold or transitory fame,
But in the goodness and the love that live on within a name.
Examples we will follow if we can,
As we teach our children the measure of the man.
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© 2001 Mike Collins. This song was composed as a 70th birthday tribute for Mike's father-in-law, Jim Myers. The song attempts to describe how Jim has combined business acumen with moral integrity and love for family, and to show the man as his family knows him. For he is not one to blow his own horn - he simply moves through his world leaving a trail of good deeds behind him.
Mixdown date: July 13, 2001
The Ballad of Dushan

Come gather 'round me children, a story I will tell
Of a young man name of Dushan, he loved his music well.
He was born in Vojvodina and lived there 'til he died
With his records and his hi-fi by his side, by his side,
With his records and his hi-fi by his side.

He had a record player, Gorenje was its name,
He placed upon it records, 'til no more music came.
But he was fond of tinkering, a giant in the field,
And he set about to fix it with great zeal, with great zeal,
And he set about to fix it with great zeal.


Hey, Ho, Dushan! Nothing him could save,
And he was buried with a stereo on his grave, on his grave,
He was buried with a stereo on his grave.

The odds were all against him but he was all of a mind
To save his poor Gorenje from industrial decline,
He set about to working and in the fading light
He threw away all caution to the night, to the night.
He threw away all caution to the night.


It was early in the morning, they found him at his desk,
Gorenje was still plugged in, the turntable at rest,
His records were all melted, his fuses they were blown,
He was gone to meet his maker's gramophone, gramophone,
He was gone to meet his maker's gramophone.


So heed me now young children, this one thing you must know,
Don't work on plugged in hi-fi's unless you want to glow,
For you'll wind up like Dushan, though you be well-behaved,
And you'll be buried with a stereo on your grave, on your grave,
You'll be buried with a stereo on your grave.


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© 1988, 2001 Mike Collins. This is a sad but somewhat true story of a boy's grave in Vojvodina, Yugoslavia. The grave stood out from among the others because instead of flowers on the grave, there was a Yugoslavian-brand stereo, a Gorenje. Mike wrote this song, and Pannonian Christmas, while living in Yugoslavia.
Mixdown date: November 5, 2001
Mike playing guitar in the back yard.

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