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Scarborough Settler's Lament

Away wi' Canada's muddy creeks and Canada's fields of pine.
Your land of wheat is a goodly land, but oh it is not mine.
The heathy hill, the grassy dale, the daisy spangled lea,
The birling burn and craggy linn, on' Scotland's glens give me.

Oh I would like to hear again, the lark on Tinny's hill,
And see the wee bit gowany, that blooms beside the rill.
Like banished Swiss, who views afar his Alps with longing e'e,
I gaze upon the morning star that shines on my country.

No more I'll wend by Eskdale glen or Petland's craggy comb
The days can ne'er come back again of thirty years that's gone,
But fancy oft at midnight hour will steal across the sea
And yestereve, in a pleasant dream, I saw the old country.

Each well-known scene that met my view brought childhood's joys to mind,
The blackbird sang on Tushey linn, the song he sang 'Lang Syne'
But like a dream time flies away, again, the morning came
And I awoke in Canada, three thousand miles frae hame.
But like a dream time flies away, again, the morning came
And I awoke in Canada, three thousand miles frae hame.

Traditional Canadian Folk Song

This Canadian folk song eloquently describes the feelings of a man who knows he will never see his Scottish homeland again. Stan Rogers, the great Canadian folk singer, sang a heart-rending rendition of this tune. In our version, Mike's 9 year old daughter, Caitlin, does the violin solo.
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The Children

We want peace for everyone, gun the children down,
If we can't have our way in this, we'll run you out of town.
Is this the way we want our world to be?

The fathers fight, the children learn to deal with life this way,
And burn the way their parents did, tomorrow for today.


The future's not yours to take away,
All these beliefs can't make me stay,
Uzi machine guns take the place of dolls,
Can you read the writing on the walls?
How can the children ever make their way,
Will burned out tanks let the children play?

As sure as day follows dawn, what's born must one day die,
But someone wants the children gone long before their time.

© 1987 Mike Collins. War produces only losers--and this always includes the children. As long as we teach our children violent ways, we can expect nothing better of them or for them.
Caitlin at the Paradigm
© 1984 Mike Collins. A country-rock song about a man whose idea of love is to toy with women.
Restless Heart

How can you win when you're dead set on losing?
How can you start when you're thinkin' of the end?
Where do you go when the love turns to losing?
Break it off, and try it all again.


How can you love with a restless heart?
How can you stay when you know from the start,
Love is an anchor, and you'll never be
Anything but ready to put to sea.

Three times she'll call, three times you'll refuse her,
An endless pattern in this lonely game you play,
She'll give her heart and you will abuse her,
She'll turn to you, and you will turn away.


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Jim likes playing the drums.
© 1978 Mike Collins. First she dumps you, then she wants to give you advice!?
I Don't Remember Asking You

Well, I've had a little trouble a time or two,
And I've had to shake my head to figure out just what to do,
But I don't need you tellin' me what is right for me,
I don't remember asking you . . .

So sail your silver sailing ship across the ocean blue,
You told me that you needed me, should I believe in you?
Well, I fell for that line once, and I'm not gonna make it two,
I don't remember asking you . . .

Well, every man gets happy, and every man gets blue,
And coming from a friend, you know, a smile can see him through,
But I don't need no advice from a problem child like you,
I don't remember asking you . . .

Yes, I had a little trouble one time with you.
You told me that you needed me, and I believed in you.
But I don't need no advice and I'm not gonna play your fool,
I don't remember asking you . . .

But I don't need no advice and I'm not gonna play your fool,
I don't remember asking you . . .
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The Band at the NC Zoo
Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes, the past is burning,
And it's no use to try and run away.
Open your eyes the day is turning,
Into a river that sweeps you away.

Hold out your hands, you see they're dirty,
Why don't you think it over a while,
Want to try it again? You're gettin' up on thirty,
And it's gettin' harder and harder to smile.
Won't you keep on smilin'?


Let's be honest and see both sides,
You're a long way from reality.
The torch you carried has long since died
And you're farther from where you wanna be,
Where d'you wanna be?

Well it's the fear that keeps you running,
But it's running that makes you afraid.
So keep on going into your twilight,
You can be sure that it's all self-made.

The Band at the Paradigm

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