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Give me that guitar!
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Poem Without A Song

Empty sheet of paper, pencil in hand,
How to draw the woman, and how to sketch the man,
A posed and silent question, is it easy as it seems?
To take one from the other, and draw the line between . . .

Who counseled us that learning was the greatest thing to learn?
Who stands a while beside us when the fires in our hearts burn?
O'er the smooth and glassy tributaries, as well as rocky ways,
Each is ever ready to help us through our days.

But what's one without the other? A poem without a song,
A melody that's wordless, though it ring forever strong.
Everlasting Summer, without the tempering Fall,
To soothe us and remind us--we love you most of all.

Let scatter all the young ones to find their lives, their own,
To rove in contemplation, or work to build a home.
May we be ever guided in the work we seek to do,
By knowing that what we become will all be thanks to you.
© 1984 Mike Collins. Mike wrote this song about his mother and father. It occurred to him one day that, as wonderful as each is individually, their real strength comes from the fact that, in their case, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. All parents want to give their children the best. They succeeded.
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Half a World Away

Sixty cents or half a dollar,
All alone it's all the same,
Without you here now to share it,
It's just a time-killing game, a time-killing game.

Mimi's gone now with the liner,
Flown from rainy Amsterdam.
Although I know just where I'm standing,
I'm not too sure just where I am, where I am.

And you can have your silly diamonds,
Or take a trip and get your thrills.
Me, I just want to be with her, in those Carolina hills.

On the road it's really something,
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
But if you really want the truth now,
I'd rather have my little girl, my little girl.

And it's raining here like madness,
Gonna wash this town away.
Mimi, dream of me tonight, love,
Though I'm half a world away.
© 1984 Mike Collins. Mike wrote this song about his wife after putting her on a plane home in Amsterdam. The thrill of another couple of months in Europe was fading with the sound of the aircraft engines as she flew away.
Mike with guitar over shoulder
© 1987 Mike Collins. Yet one more melodious exploration of the questions of life and love that must forever occupy our thoughts.
What Are These Things?

Red are the roses that grow on the hill,
The sky is so blue and the grass is so still,
But I wouldn't notice the Summer from Spring,
Without you to tell me, what are these things?

The mind it may wander but the heart stays at home,
Until we're together, and then we may roam,
To sit in love's sunbeams and wade in her streams,
As you tell me softly, what are these things.

Music is ringing in the ears of the deaf,
And this is our melody, it's all we have left.
Lightly you sleep on a little gold ring,
and I whisper so softly, what are these things?
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Brian at the piano.
Love and Marriage
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© 1995 Mike Collins. An instrumental meditation on a timeless theme. Mike wrote this song at a time when some of his friends were finding happiness while others were experiencing emotional devastation.
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© 1986 Mike Collins. Guitar instrumental played in open "G" bottleneck tuning.
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Pannonian Christmas
© 1988 Mike Collins. Mike wrote this song in the winter of 1987-1988 while studying in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. The Romans called the Balkan peninsula Pannonia, hence the song's name. This work is a guitar instrumental in open "G" tuning with a skillful overlay of keyboards and voices.
© 1999 Brian Ceccarelli & Mike Collins. This song was written for and played at Brian and Tammy's wedding.
Song for Tammy

From the high peaks of Reno for the Iowa plains, I set out so long ago . . .
With a soul made of music and an ache in my heart,
So much rain and snow, how could I know,
All roads would lead me to you?

For a man is a simple thing, a handful of dust, 'til he finds love that's true,
But I in my innocence, never favored by fortune, 'til favored by you.
We are here together, we are here forever,
Lonely nevermore, forevermore side by side.

Side by side . . .
Lonely nevermore, forevermore I will love you . . . .

I wake with the moonlight casting silver and love, like a rainbow on you,
You wake in the moonlight in this dream of true love, we can live now for two.
We are here together, we are here forever,
Lonely nevermore, forevermore side by side . . .

Side by side . . .
Side by side . . . .
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