Many colleges now require students to submit songs with their college application. Below are songs performed by students of Chapel Hill High School for their college apps. Believe it or not, Talus Music has not edited these recordings. They are live performances.
Drastic Measures G-Moll, by Max Bruch
A quintet featuring Will Myers on violin and Fei Fei Wang on piano. Playing viola is Caitlin Collins. Also playing violin is Trevor Wigknall. On cello, Nick Lloyd. Talus Music recorded the quintet at Chapel Hill High School. You will not believe that this is a performance by teenagers. Truly, they belong in Carnegie Hall.
Fei Fei Wang
We expect Fei Fei to be famous. She is only 16 at the time of these recordings. Talus Music recorded Fei Fei using the Yamaha Conservatory C3 Grand at Talus Music.
Sonata in F Maj, Hayden - Moderato, Adagio, Presto
French Suite III in Bm, J.S. Bach - Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Anglaise, Minuet, Gigue
Caitlin Collins
Caitlin plans on being an environmental engineer. But nonetheless, her college application also requires her to submit viola solos even though she does not plan on being a music major. Talus Music recorded Meditation and Stamitz at her house.

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